Please Go Through Everything Before your Session

Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

I specialise in elevating my clients to make incredible long-term, transformational progress in their careers and mindset.

My approach champions mastering and advancing your power so that you can take it wherever you want it to go to achieve true career success. We’ll work together to supercharge your professional potential and power up your career confidence.

My coaching program is specially designed for participants to:

  • advance into rewarding roles
  • gain promotions
  • secure progressive compensation
  • command presence
  • develop robust strategic networks

My powerful coaching programmes provide you with expert support, expertise and structure to achieve the growth and goals you’ve always wanted. My holistic approach will keep you on track to transform potential into tangible results and lead you to achieving your goals.

My coaching packages are designed to suit your individual concerns and to get the most out of you so you can thrive and excel.

If you’re a woman who wants to feel confident about your value and worth and what you bring to the table, consider my coaching programmes.

2. What can I expect from the call?

Breakthroughs are possible at any time

I will dig deep to reveal those insights that will allow you to move forward. You’ll learn not to negotiate your self-worth so you stop under-valuing yourself.

Do you want to understand what’s holding you back and what you can change to bring about faster success?

Do you want to master your confidence?

Do you have big ambitions but don’t know where to focus your energy?

Do you want to achieve your career goals more quickly, without the overwhelm?

If the answer is yes,

We will work together to design a Career Strategy to identify and align your career avenues, identify your desired salary and determine your market worth.

I’ll keep you action-focused and give you a fresh perspective on your strengths and opportunities, while challenging you to be the best you can be.

3. Who is Mira Parmar?

Mira is a born nature lover, keen traveller and constantly strives to expand her knowledge. She passionately supports equality, diversity, and female empowerment. Helping people succeed gives her the ultimate fulfilment.

Mira is in the business of miracle creation – Sounds too good to be true, right? BUT the results speak for themselves. Clients spend time with her, they talk and miracles happen! Their whole perspective shifts! A powerful transformation takes place. Mira helps them see their world from a different and better perspective; by doing so, they show up with a positive mindset, renewed passion and are able to create the results they found impossible before working with Mira.

“Even just a few minutes talking to Mira is both calming and transformative. I had coaching with Mira during which my perceptive shifted so radically that the problem I came with simply vanished!” – N. Storey.

Some People I’ve Worked With

Z. Ahmed

“I sought coaching support for career progression as I’d been applying for roles for a long time. Through my coaching with Mira, I managed to overcome anxiety and changed my thinking to adopt a success mindset.

Reflection exercises with Mira uncovered my limiting beliefs and what was holding me back. I’ve learnt to let go of fears and change my perspective. I’m now able to channel my focus and energy to remove negativity and move beyond my limitations. Within a very few sessions with Mira I’ve successfully secured a promotion and higher salary than I’ve ever had after over 10 years of being in a lower salary and scale of the career ladder.”

A Lambert

“When I first started my coaching, I felt lost and unsure of the next steps for my career. I felt stuck, frustrated and that I wasn’t valued in my job. All this was making me anxious and impacting my professional and personal life. But Mira helped me gain greater self-awareness and clarity on what I truly wanted. Through the coaching and the tools and techniques Mira used, I became aware of how I lacked self-esteem which we addressed and I grew stronger, more positive and my energy levels soared.

I worked with Mira in formulating a concrete plan which bridged the gap between where I was, to where I wanted to be. Mira helped me to feel empowered and achieve my immediate as well as my future desired career goals.”

K. Sylvester

“I went to Mira for coaching because I’d hit a wall with my career. I lacked confidence, drive and had very low self-esteem which was stopping me from applying for promotions and worse still making me feel invisible in the workplace. I was always worrying about how others perceived me and felt embarrassed and ashamed of my job.

I wanted to have confidence in my capabilities, be free from self-doubt and the need to seek validation from others.

Mira coached me to overcome my limiting beliefs and the negative perception I held of myself. Her coaching techniques moved me to a better perspective which enabled me to move forward. With coaching, I regained pride and dignity and felt confident and empowered to re-enter the job market. I took ownership of my career progression, crafted impressive CVs and secured a promotion. I’m now performing better than ever and have gained momentum in moving forward in my career.”